Toldboden will open by the end of March 2021. We expect Toldboden Seaside to become one of the most popular restaurants in Copenhagen already by the first year.

At Toldboden, seven experienced, first class chefs will become independent head chefs in the harbour of Copenhagen - the harbour of merchant’s. In historic and maritime settings, they will share the harbour and cultivate their passion for gastronomy, quality and love for good produce. The vast knowledge and experience will be one of the major trademarks of Toldboden, where the mission for Jesper Julian Møller is to create a platform for inspiration and cooperation. In unique surroundings, culinary chefs each create their signature dishes where gourmet meets the laid back atmosphere at the harbour.  By establishing a new culinary destination by the harbour, we create a manifestation of what was once the largest workplace of the country and the foundation of the city’s wealth. The maritime and cultural heritage is reflected in the narrative about Toldboden with a homage to the proud Danish merchant navy - and the experience starts as soon as you step aboard. At Toldboden, your senses will be guided on a wonderful journey feeling the proximity to the ocean - an authentic, engaging and living connection between the harbour and the capital. Design and colours are inspired by the stories in the local area. The Mast Crane by Philip de Lange towering across the harbour at Nyholmen, Dannebrog, the Danish Royal Yacht moored at Brandebænken and Kastellet as a beautiful green backyard in the city.   


Toldboden is for those looking for authentic and local dining experiences of high quality. The ambition is to be among the best on the food scene in Denmark.

Ingredients, flavours and the holistic experience is essential with a focus on naive food - producing flawless, simple food with few ingredients resulting in mouth watering meals. The food is prepared with body and soul, it is authentic, impeccable and pure. At Toldboden, the guests meet the owner and feel their passion for cooking. Here, the food speaks to you, but will also get you to speak. 


At Toldboden, seven experienced first class chefs will become independent head chefs in the harbour of Copenhagen. Toldboden is there as a helping hand to experienced chefs wanting to become independent. It is an homage to those chefs that have worked in Danish restaurants and have put Danish gastronomy on the world map.  If you’re dreaming of becoming an independent head chef or a culinary mentor to develop, innovate and support our chefs. You’re the one we are looking for. Not only will you be able to put your own personal touch on the menu, you can also be part in determining the direction of the place itself.  

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In the kitchens at Toldboden, we are mixing the best from restaurants with techniques from street food. We design Toldboden with seven professional kitchens that each offer different small culinary experiences. We picture guests at Toldboden exploring all the kitchens and tasting the extensive selection of smaller dishes. It is all about transforming simple ingredients to unique meals of high quality.


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