There is nothing more important at Toldboden than a safe environment. That is why we have prepared the following actions so you and your company can enjoy life here by the waterfront.


Toldboden’s actions regarding COVID-19

  • We have increased the distance between the tables
    So you easily can move around with distance to other guests
  • We have set up a sink at the entrance and hand sanitizer dispensers in multiple locations
    So you easily can maintain a high hand hygiene
  • We have transformed the menu
    So the dishes easily can be consumed as finger food or with cutlery – depending on preference
  • We frequently disinfect all touch surfaces
    So you easily can feel safe
  • We have installed glass barrieres and queue markers
    So you easily can avoid direct contact and keep physical distance
  • The payment can be settled cashless – and contactless up to a certain amount
    But we still disinfect the credit card terminal on case of our guests need to use the pin.
  • The guidelines of the National Board of Health and our own can be found around the restaurant.
    So you always can refresh the authorities’ recommendations as well as Toldbodens own actions.
  • We’ve made a QR-code which you can find on all tables
    So you easily can find our menu avoiding physical contact.

Your actions are also important


  • Follow the guidelines of the National Board of Health
    You can refresh them here:
  • Stay home if you feel unwell
    and look forward to your next visit
  • Let one person from the party order and collect food and drinks
    Meanwhile, let the rest enjoy life at the table
  • Sit a maximum of 10 people at a table
    After all, we must all abide by the assembly restriction

Frequently asked questions about COVID-19

There is no indication that coronavirus is spreading through the food, but via drops from coughs and sneezes from infected persons – so keep a good hygiene and follow the guidelines of the National Board of Health, which you can refresh on the posters around the restaurant and in this link:

We are working to find an alternative way of offering brunch than using tongs, which is the traditional way at a buffet. We hope to be able to offer brunch soon in a different way than before, but with the same cozy atmosphere.

  • We have taken several precautions to avoid infection here at Toldboden.
  • We have increased the distance between the tables so that you can easily keep a good distance to other guests.
  • We have put queue markers on the floors and designed the queue so that you can keep a distance after ordering when you leave the queue.
  • We have set up glass barriers to protect both guests and staff from a sudden sneeze.
  • We have installed a sink at the entrance as well as set up hand sanitizer dispensers so it is easy to maintain good hand hygiene.
  • Our staff frequently disinfect surfaces, such as door handles, countertops, toilet door locks, etc.
  • We have poster from the National Board of Health as well as our own rules in the restaurant aimed at reducing any possibility of infection.
  • You must follow the instructions of the National Board of Health, ie wash hands frequently, keep 1 meter distance to anyone but the close company you are here with, cough and sneeze in the sleeve, stay home if you are unwell and limit physical contact.
    • Respect the gathering restrictions. Right now that means a maximum of 10 people at each table.
    • Send one from the party to order and collect food and drink.