Independent head chefs for new culinary concept

We don’t know when restaurants will open again, but we do know that Toldboden will open by the end of March 2021 – and you can apply to run your very own kitchen with your own CVR. 

We are there to support your success – from establishment and budgeting to process planning and marketing. It will not get cheaper or much easier to become self-employed. 

Apply now!


  • You are a trained chef and have been working at some of the very best restaurants
  • You are passionate and committed to gastronomy, quality and good produce
  • You understand simple, naive food – it needs to work even on very busy days
  • You to have a solid overview and an eagerness to shape and run your own kitchen
  • You create your own CVR when the kitchen opens
  • You to thrive in a busy work environment

The more successful you are, the bigger the rewards.


Toldboden will consist of 7 professional kitchens that each offer different small culinary experiences. It is all about transforming simple produce into unique meals – and no matter the kitchen, the food is of the highest quality. You need to choose the kitchen that fits your concept and signature dish. 


We also offer:

  • An easy and cheap way to get going. We will support with guidance, marketing, events, KPI’s, cleaning etc.
  • The absolute best location in Copenhagen
  • Historic and maritime surroundings with more than 600 seats


  • A prep room approved by authorities
  • Own locked space in cold storage
  • Own locked space in dry food storage
  • Access to ice cubes
  • Ventilation
  • Washing station 
  • Access to at least 32 ampere electricity
  • Water and sewage
  • Cashier machine
  • Common assortment of tableware


Do you want to become self-employed?? Then apply via the link here.

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