Gabriele Rizzo

Gabriele Rizzo is originally from Palermo in Italy, but has travelled and worked as a chef in Europe and the US which is reflected in his menu. He has experience from some of the world’s most ambitious kitchens, in 1-, 2- and 3-Michelin star restaurants. Gabriele works with few well-chosen ingredients and flavours; aesthetics and sustainability are paramount to him and his dishes. His kitchen Haidan is built around warm and cold servings of seafood. Enjoy Gabriele transforming treasures of the sea into magical creations.

Edgars Sutka

Edgars Sutka specializes in the seasons, techniques, and traditions of the Japanese cuisine. He holds a Golden Certification from the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries after working and training in a Kaiseki restaurant in Kyoto for 3 years. Kaiseki is a Japanese multi-course haute cuisine, and its principles are represented in the serving form of a Shokado Bento. The Bento box is a traditional lunch box in Japan that Edgars will use to serve seasonal sashimi, sushi, grilled seafood, onigiri and much more from Japanese cuisine.

Henrik Jyrk

Henrik Jyrk is an experienced restaurateur and has for many years worked at several 1- and 2-star Michelin restaurants. At Seaside, Jyrk will serve a menu inspired by the Pan-Asian cuisine. Jyrk is motivated by serving foods that make your day - his mantra is that we all deserve one good meal a day - and this can certainly be sensed in his kitchen at Seaside.

Gustav Duus & Lasse Nordows

Gustav Duus and Lasse Nordows are both experienced chefs and best friends. Their menu at Seaside Toldboden reflects their great passion for tartar and cold appetizers. They live and breathe tartar – preparing with refined ingredients, experimenting with textures and not least taste. Gustav and Lasse meticulously study ingredients and this precision is what brings their tartar to a one-of-a-kind culinary experience.

Nikolas Strangas

Nikolas Strangas has a background as an exceptional pâtissier. At Seaside, you will taste his take on the food of Greece. Expect to taste his passion for all the Greek savoury flavors with crunchy greens, fresh octopus, organic meats and plenty of Greek passion. Enjoy your meal from Strangas as the Greeks would do - with a passion for life and around the people that matter the most.

Johan Burich-Holck

With great love for the sea and extraordinary dining experiences, Johan Burich-Holck and friends invite you to join a gastronomic journey with a cuisine facing the world. Johan brings a dedication to high gastronomic standards with experience from the popular Bib Gourmand-restaurant Marv & Ben and The Pescetarian, a restaurant that already within the first year of opening received a spot in the Michelin guide. The menu at Mar focuses on sustainable gastronomy made with passion and the best ingredients the season has to offer of seafood and vegetables.

Dan Jensen

Dan Jensen has spent decades in ambitious kitchens from Divan II to Alberto K and latest at the captain at The Danish Royal Theatre. He has a lifelong passion for the classic cuisine, high quality meat, and truly classic sauces and garnishes. Tournedos Rossini is one of the absolute favourites, a dish Dan knows to perfection. You can enjoy this legendary dish in combination with several other dishes where high quality and authentic flavours always take center stage and the meat plays the key role.

Christian Rud

The neighbour shop, Løgismose Vin, Mad & Delikatesser run the Eatery at Seaside, where you can find freshly brewed coffee, breakfast, cakes and exquisite sandwiches, tapas, cheese and other treats that hold flavour, attitude and good craftsmanship. The menu offers all of the best from Løgismoses culinary universe and the food can be enjoyed inside our gastrohouse, on our terrace or taken to go.