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Street food version 3.0 - At Seaside Toldboden, you can order your drinks from your waiter and they will bring them to your table. You must order your food in our kitchens or via our online ordering system1. Scan the QR code on your table and click the link to access our online menu.2. Place your order by adding dishes to the cart. We recommend placing several orders throughout your visit to ensure a pleasant flow in your dining experience.3. Enter your contact information at checkout.4. You will receive a text message, when your food is ready – so unmute your phone and keep an eye on it.5. Head to the kitchen, pick up your food and enjoy! At Seaside Toldboden we have open kitchens. Therefore, you can – perhaps for the very first time – meet our team of chefs and see how they work in their kitchens when you pick up your food. It is impressive how they manage to care for every single little detail. And don’t worry, your waiter will guide you through your stay and answer all your questions.


Seaside Toldboden is a big gastro house in Copenhagen with room for everyone. We recommend for you to book a table in advance, but if you don't manage to find an available spot, you're still welcome to drop by. We have a lot of available seats that cannot be reserved. We are therefore also happy to take walk-ins.Please note, that our terrace is reserved for dining. The table is yours for 3 hours.If you wish to reserve a table for drinks, please contact our customer service team, and we will find a table for you. 


For any press related requests, please contact our PR Manager Stephanie Brink Harck:+ (45) 22 72 25 


There is parking at Nordre Toldboden. You can pay for your parking via the payment machines or online via parking apps. Please remember to check out the signs for the valid parking regulations.