Nordre Toldbod was originally the country’s largest workplace and the foundation for the city’s wealth. The building “Toldboden '' was used as a terminal for the ferry from Denmark to Poland, while the dock was used as port for foreign and Danish monarchs. In 2010, Jesper Julian Møller took over the lease of the old ferry terminal and gave Toldboden and the dock new life with festive company parties, dinners, a popular restaurant, sea bar, music, exciting conferences and Classic Cars - a returning event for vintage car lovers. Now Toldboden and the docks are rejuvenated once again with even more nerve and soul. In March 2021, Jesper Julian Møller will open Seaside Toldboden. The new culinary destination will reflect the maritime heritage and pay homage to the proud Danish navy merchant’s. Back in the day, Copenhagen was known as the harbour for merchant’s. Today - thanks to Seaside Toldboden - seven chef’s will now share the harbour with Jesper Julian Møller and in cooperation, they will cultivate and share their passion for gastronomy, quality and not least love for good produce.