Jesper Julian Møller

1986 Jesper Julian Møller starts his career washing dishes at Græsted Kro. He is only 10 years old. 1992 Jesper Julian Møller continues his career as a cooking student in Helsingør. 1996 Jesper Julian Møller can call himself a fully trained chef at age 20. 1996 Jesper Julian Møller works at several renowned restaurants, including Kong Hans and Olsen & Falsled Kro. He has also had a longer stay in Verona learning how to master the Italian cuisine. 2000 Jesper Julian Møller starts as a restaurateur at the National Museum in Copenhagen. 2010 Jesper Julian Møller opens the doors to Restaurant Toldboden. 2014 Jesper Julian Mølller opens the street food market” Papirøen”. He has a vision: he wants to give the harbour back to the people and help skilled chefs become independent. Papirøen is known and recognized in Denmark as well as abroad. 2021 Jesper Julian Møller opens Seaside Toldboden. Today, he helps 78 skilled chefs to become independent and is therefore already fulfilling his and his company’s vision of helping chefs become independent.